Got a backyard deck that doesn’t exactly inspire hanging out? That’s easy to fix and you can do it yourself quick and easy with any of these six tips. 

1. Make it Entertaining

 If there is just a deck it doesn’t really inspire a lot of fun. What are you going to do, sit and look at the garden? What you need to do is find a way to make it more interesting. A BBQ is a standard go-to for any backyard space. Even a BBQ under a cover says, something entertaining could happen here any minute. If you get a barbie, make a pact with yourself to use it at least once a month. Even if all you cook is some sausages to have in bread, you’ll thank us later!Have the right cleaning tools on hand to get rid of the mess straight away, nothing is more off putting than that black BBQ sludge.Add in an outdoor proof TV (thanks to your SealTV enclosure), a dartboard and a way to put your feet up and you have an outdoor space that people will flock to. 

2. Get Comfy

 Okay so pillows aren’t exactly macho, but they are a lot more entertaining than having wooden slats digging into your behind.And don’t steal the cushions from the lounge, get some that use outdoor fabrics, they will last longer; stripes are fashionable for decks, they look great and outdoorsy.If you want to keep the masculine vibe remember that black fabrics fade fast (so does red) so go for grey and dark blues (or something bright if you are daring), that will keep your space looking fresh for longer and keep everyone’s backsides smiling. That means people (including yourself) are more likely to park and stay there. 

3. The Indoor Feel Outdoors

 Go for a living room feel by setting your deck up like an indoor lounge room or dining room. People love feeling like they are inside but they’re not.For a dining room feel go for a long table with matching chairs, again, make sure you get outdoor style furniture, this is no place for your great grandmothers mahogany table. (Don’t forget the cushions).For a lounge look go for a matching sofa and chairs. These can be easily mixed with a rustic style table, garden chairs or stools for some character.Put a big piece of artwork on the wall and have some lights with nice covers. After dark lantern lights can really make the place inviting and atmospheric. 

4. Include plants

 You are outdoors, so plants make sense. If you place them correctly you also won’t have to worry about watering them too much. Go for veggie planters, people love that stuff, organic fresh edibles right at the door! It’s also great if you have kids, get them seeing where their food comes from and picking their own salad. Kids also love watching sunflowers grow because they are quick, big and bright so start some from seeds and watch their little faces glow.Go for easy and colourful vegies like tomatoes, cucumber, carrot, peas, and lettuce (different lettuce varieties look really great together in a deck garden). As well as herbs like mint, coriander, and parsley, thyme and rosemary. You’ll be so gourmet!Use containers on the floor and go for different sizes, shapes and materials to make it interesting. You can also use hanging baskets which work great for strawberries, cherry tomatoes and herbs.Bigger pots can handle figs, blueberries, cherries, peaches, nectarines and citrus fruits. 

5. Screening

 The reason your deck might not be doing so great is if you have a lousy view or cramped space. Screens are great for backing a deck or shielding the sides so that you can forget about the neighbours and relax with a little privacy. Slat screens work great and you can even grow plants over the top for extra privacy and that outdoor feel.If your problem is too much sun (or a combo of sun and too much neighbours) then go for a sunshade screen to keep harsh light off your deck space and your outdoor TV. Sunshade is usually cheap to get and measured to fit. 

6. Clear the Way

 A safe space is an inviting space. If your deck is a nice little intro to your landscaped garden then make sure it’s safe and easy to wander down and back. That means clear space to move, a path, walkway or secure and well lit steps with safety rails if you need them and contrasting paint colours so that different levels really stand out.If your backyard deck is elevated then a railing or wall is essential. Luckily there are plenty of ways you can build or install your own with different materials and sizes to suit your needs, like glass panels, sleeper rails, aluminium or driftwood.